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Attracting Love – Single Women Listen Up – I Know Where the Men Are

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I love to flirt on the golf course.

It feels really good, extra good for some reason, to have a man’s attention and appreciation on the golf course. Even though I am married to my golfer and adore my time on the golf course with him, (I am still flirtier with him on the course than anywhere else!) I still enjoy the attention of men who notice my presence on the course.

Did You Know:

Three out of four golfers are men. There are great looking, professional, active and passionate single men congregating in large groups on a regular basis…possibly within five miles of your home.

Yes, I have a good swing and a fairly good game but even though I haven’t played much lately and my skills are a bit rusty, my higher scores have not impacted the male attention I get at all. In fact, there is satisfaction in golf on many levels and score is only one. (A quick comic recovery from an embarrassing shot is one of my secret flirting weapons.)

Now there are some wrong ways to flirt. If your attempts to attract a guy’s attention on the course fall flat as the proverbial pancake, read on. Men are hyper sensitive to the “I Must Meet Him Now” mindset and any flirting coming from that direction is doomed to failure.

If that is you, try on a new perspective in your search for a soul mate on the golf course. Yes, he might be out there today, playing three holes ahead of you, destined to hold the door open for you when you finish your round. But there is an equally intriguing possibility that someone there has a cousin or brother that you need to meet. Law of Attraction will faithfully draw people to you for reasons you don’t see til you look backwards!

Golf is a uniquely powerful gateway to personal confidence and a woman who is confident in herself is undeniably attractive. Getting a flirty attention feels exquisite and there are so few women out there, you might want to consider any previous ideas about yourself and golf and explore the possibilities.

In golf there is the keenly excruciating opportunity for public embarrassment. Anyone who has left three shots in the bunker, launched a tee shot into the pond or missed a putt from less than a foot knows exactly what I am talking about. but, I just got home from the range and there were easily fifty men practicing for five women. Ladies, we have to get over ourselves!

If your golf confidence barely has a pulse, you will only attract the smart ass good old boys who love to lampoon lady golfers. If you complain that there are no genuine guys out there, stop and ask yourself, why is this jerk bothering me. Chances are his attitude reminds you of someone in your past who disregarded or discounted you. No wonder you don’t like to hang out there. I don’t blame you.

If these maddening mishaps keep you away from the game, I recommend you re-evaluate your experience with golf. Look at it this way: three out of four golfers are men. There are great looking, professional, active and passionate single men congregating in large groups on a regular basis…possibly within five miles of your home.

Feeling inspired? Ready to take action? Here’s your How To Flirt On The Golf Course Game Plan:

1. Get a putting lesson. One on one instruction is terrific, but you will find that group lessons are great ways to meet people to practice and play with. Lots of driving ranges offer short game clinics right in your area.

2. Take action to increase your self confidence on the golf course. Read Golf is Not A Game Of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella or Zen Golf by Joseph Parent. Want faster results? Find a life coach who you enjoy and set your intention to double or triple your self confidence this summer.

3. Get Out There And Flirt: Once you get some new skills to practice, it costs nothing to show up at your neighborhood golf course on the weekends with your putter and spend an hour on the putting green. Believe me, you will be noticed and flirting opportunities abound! Let it flow and enjoy the attention! You deserve it!