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Frustrations For Women That Want To Get Married

Frustrations For Women That Want To Get Married
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You are single and all your friends are getting married. You have been dating a guy for years and everybody figures you are a couple. But still he won’t commit and marry you.

Why, what is the reason he won’t commit?

He says he loves you and it sure seems like it, but something is holding him back. He keeps saying it is not the right time. He wants a better job, he wants to buy a house first or he says he needs more money to start a family. You say the family can wait, the house can wait and as for the money, you are already pooling together what you both earn. The argument is not valid.

Why does he keep coming up with excuses or maybe he doesn’t even know why he doesn’t want to marry yet. You wonder if he really even loves you. But he does like spending time with you. The times are great when you are together.

Your families are even wondering why you don’t get married. Getting deep in a man’s mind as to why he won’t commit to a relationship as in the word marriage, well it can drive women crazy.

Sometimes a couple has this great weekend together and the woman thinks he is finally going to ask for her hand in marriage, after all he said over and over how much he loves her. A few days pass and he tells her it is over.

Crying her eyes out she can’t figure out what went wrong, whatever did she do to drive him away. He may say she did absolutely nothing and that is probably true. So what happened? He probably could not explain why, but for some reason he could not see the two of them together forever.

When he won’t talk about the future

When a man will not talk about the future as in years down the line of the two of you together, then he is probably not ready to marry you. Manipulating a man in to a marriage he is not ready for can leave you with heartache. If you got him to marry you, it could be a rocky marriage and possibly not even last. The worst part there could be children born before the marriage dissolved.

The dating scene is disappointing

How about if you can’t get a man to stay with you past a couple of dates? He seems attracted to you, but just won’t hang around long enough to even really get to know you. Frustrated is probably the way you feel. Other women you know seem to have so little to offer a man, or so it appears, yet seem to have no problem getting a man to marry them.

One of the reasons a man will not commit to marriage has to do with how he sees you as a partner in life together. What he values as a 50/50 relationship is more important than just loving you. Understanding all the criteria of how a man evaluates a relationship will possibly help women gain the knowledge to get a man to commit to marriage.