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How Extensions and Hairpieces Can Improve Your Confidence

How Extensions and Hairpieces Can Improve Your Confidence
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Having limp and thinning hair can significantly impact your self-confidence. It can make you feel lost, insecure, and different from those around you. For many women, their hair is a confidence safety net and an important part of their self-identity. Having that safety net taken away from you can leave you feeling bereft: many women describe suffering from thinning hair or hair loss like they would a bereavement. This is particularly true if this is a new development, and you have previously had a fuller head of hair.

The good news is that women no longer have to accept their natural hair and make their piece with it. You can now choose extensions and hairpieces to add length and fullness to your hair and help to restore your confidence. Here’s everything you need to know about extensions and hairpieces, and how they can revolutionize your life by boosting your confidence:

Choosing the Right Hairpiece for You

Depending on the severity of your hair problems (ie how thin your hair is or how much hair you have lost) there are a wide variety of different hairpieces to choose from. Individuals with widespread hair loss might well be most comfortable opting for a full wig, whilst if your hair loss primarily only impcts the top of your head then a smaller hair topper might be a better choice. If you still have a full head of hair but it is just much thinner than you might like then clipping in extensions under your natural hair is a great way to make it look fuller and with much more volume. Finally, if your hair is only thinning at the hairline then a clip in fringe might also be a best option for you, restoring your confidence and completely changing the way your hair looks and feels.

Many women, particularly younger women, simply don’t like the idea of wearing a full coverage wig. They worry that it will be itchy and comfortable, but more importantly, they worry that it won’t look like real hair and that everyone will immediately realise that it’s a wig. Twenty years ago, this would have been a valid concern, but wig technology has evolved considerably since them. Regardless of whether you choose a synthetic hair wig or a human hair wig, the end result will look incredibly similar to your own natural hair.

Smaller hair toppers, perfect for women who are experiencing thinning hair at the crown, allow you to showcase both your natural hair and your synthetic hair: the key to wearing this kind of hair piece with confidence is to ensure that both your own hair and your topper are the same colour. Otherwise you will have a clear separation between the two and it will look more obvious that the top of your hair isn’t your own. To wear a hair topper with confidence, take it to your hairdresser and ask them to colour match it to your hair: they will be able to dye either the topper, your natural hair, or both, until you are left with a smooth and consistent colour.

The Magic of Hair Extensions

Whether your hair is thinning or not, there is nothing better to make it look fuller, healthier and more voluminous than clipping in some hair extensions. As with a hair topper, these will work best when they are the same colour as your natural hair. Simply clip in an extension anywhere you want a little extra fullness or length to your hair. Extensions are ideal if you want to create full curls, or if you’re trying to create an up do but don’t have the length you need to achieve the style you want.

The benefits of clip in hair extensions is that they are easy to put in and remove whenever you want to: you won’t be stuck with Disney Princess-length hair all the time. This is ideal if you need a confidence boost for a special occasion or big night out, but prefer to have shorter and more manageable hair at the gym or when hanging out at home. Clipping in your hair can often feel like you’re clipping in confidence: add your hair in seconds, whenever you need it, and you’ll be ready to face whatever life has to throw at you, safe in the knowledge that you’re being the best possible version of yourself.