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Types of Cardigans and How to Style Them

Types of Cardigans and How to Style Them
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Cardigans are such an underestimated piece of clothing, and we are here to stop that. The versatility that a cardigan offers is a great way to achieve many different outfits by using the same piece. Not to mention how cozy and warm they will keep you in the cold season. In this article we will present you some of the most popular types of cardigans and give you some tips on how to style them. We hope you take a look into them and eventually get yourself one, because you have no idea what you’re missing. For a more in depth look at outfits that feature cardigans, check out Pinterest and get shopping.


If you recently went to the mall, you probably saw at least one brightly colored cropped cardigan. They are everywhere! Probably the most popular piece of this winter, the colorful and super chunky cardigans are in all the TikTok videos and in all shops. They are very stylish and because of the cropped style, they are super flattering to wear. You can work them into a casual jeans outfit or on top of a dress and they will look stunning in both of them. This piece is surely worth buying, and don’t get scared by the vivid colors, they would make a good accent piece.


The second one is a less known type of cardigan, but is surely coming back into the trends, so it was only fair to add it to the list. The Aran cardigans are the ones with intricate stitches and many knitted details. They are chunky, cozy and definitely trendy. This type of cardigan is easy to wear and is great if you want to add some subtle details into your outfits. You can find options here: https://www.keilys.com/irish-cardigans.html and you can count on this cardigan to get you all the looks. To make sure you don’t hide their beauty, try wearing them as a final layer into your outfit.

Short sleeve

This type of cardigan is perfect for anyone that lives in a warm climate, but still wants to feel that autumnal vibe. A short sleeve cardigan won’t provide as much warmth, but will still give you a trendy look. They are now super popular on social media, and they come in many cute designs, pastel colors and embroidered patterns. They look great with mini skirts or high waisted jeans and they sure won’t disappear too soon, because everybody loves them.

Fuzzy texture

This last one is a hit or miss, you either love it or hate it, there is no in between. The textured cardigans are a niche piece of clothing, they provide you with warmth, they do look great in many outfits, but they are not as easy to wear. When we say fuzzy we refer to the cardigans made out of mohair, that have a different texture. If you want to be bold, a mohair cardigan that has a pattern on it will turn all the heads, and we fully support going all in with this piece.