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What You Need To Know About LuLaRoe

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Perhaps you have heard about LuLaRoe Denver. You are wondering what the craze is all about. Yes, it is not a hidden secret that women are going crazy over LuLaRoe. This is a clothing brand which has risen from near obscurity, in the past few years, to a cult status. But what actually is the craze all about? What is LuLaRoe generally and how does it operate?

Without going into much details, this simply is a clothing company that does not have stores. The big deal here is that all their clothing is bought through consultants, either through in home pop-up boutiques, or online via social media outlets. They provide leggings, tops, skirts, and dresses in different styles. One significant thing which different LuLaRoe from others is the variety, simple. Each print is designed into 5,000 garments. Divide that number by the sizes which are carried (00-24). Then the pieces are split up, and sent out to the thousands of LuLaRoe consultants!

The clothing products this brand sells are not available on company website or in stores.

Instead, thousands and thousands of individuals across the US (several of who are millennial mothers)are selling LuLaroe clothing to friends in online forums and from their living room, while they earn huge profits ranging between, according to the company documents, 45% and 60%.

LuLaRoe top sellers ( consultants as the company refers to them) claim they are able to make annually 6-figure salaries through selling the brand’s clothing as well as managing other teams of other sellers.

This feverish excitement around LuLaRoe Denver in large part is driven by the sense of scarcity which it maintains with its clothing products.

Each day LuLaRoe design team makes around 400 designs for fabric which are sewn on to around 5000 garments, and each consultant do not have similar inventory. Therefore, when you are not the first to purchase something, it means you might not have another chance!

According to Alexandra Laigle, one of the consultants who says she sells LuLaRoe clothes roughly worth $80,000 from her home, this is called unicorn hunting-looking for the pattern which you must have that is in your favorite size and style.

Consultants may set their own prices. However, the company requires minimum prices for every item. It discourages its consultants from giving out frequent discounts. This is with the reason not to cheapen the brand.

Comfort. Plain and simple…

We all love to be comfortable, and no one can dispute that. Well, LuLaRoe Denver has made styles which flatter all manner of body shapes. They provide a big size range for women’s clothing. Whether you are plus sized lady or not, you are going to appreciate the range. (LuLaRoe makes also super kids clothes plus men’s shirts).

So now you know the amazing story about LuLaroe and its products. It’s time to get some!