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A Woman’s Place is in the Home – With Her Home Based Business!

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Forget barefoot and pregnant. Forget the traditional ‘mommy’ track. Women are historically survivors. Today’s tough economy is merely another hurdle for women to overcome.

Women are known for their ability to multi-task. Building or supplementing the family income is no different. A woman’s place is in the home with her own home-based business!

Due to the economic times, the number of women entrepreneurs is on the rise. Over 9.1 million businesses in the U.S. are women-owned. Minority women owned businesses account for about a million of these. Home based businesses for women worldwide have been conservatively estimated to account for over $3.6 trillion. That figure is more than the GNP for some countries.

Here’s why:

Most high income businesses requires significant infusions of start up capital. Not so for the home based business. In a quality home based business, YOU and your existing skills (not the least of which is multi-tasking!) are the key ingredients.

Because many income home based businesses involve network marketing, they get a bad rap. Network marketing is a legitimate form of service or product distribution. No one criticizes the IBM business model. It is primarily a network although it has employees rather than independent contractors.

Home based network marketing reflects a comparable sales/failure rate as other businesses. Various failures rates are thrown around by the media. Some analysts say the annual small business failure rate is as high as 95%. A network opportunity is no different. As a true woman entrepreneur, this figure quite simply doesn’t apply to you!

Legitimate high income home business opportunities are definitely out there. Here are examples: website development and information publishing, affiliate marketing, membership website creation.

The key to learning about the various opportunities is to do your homework well–you’ve probably been supervising homework for a long time. Time to get yourself back in the game.

A quality business will not hype you. A quality business will welcome your interest and promptly respond to your questions. They will invite you to sample their typical training sessions and show you how they really work.

If the business opportunity truly resonates with you, you might be on to something. Make sure you connect with a quality mentor who will guide you but don’t expect a babysitter. You are way beyond that need. Take the tools you are taught, employ them consistently and do what you know and love.

You may then agree, with a knowing smile, that a woman’s place is in the home with her own home based business!