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Getting Pregnant at Age 40 – Is it Possible?

Getting Pregnant at Age 40 – Is it Possible?
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Getting Pregnant at Age 40 - Is it Possible?

In today’s society, young people usually do not automatically marry their secondary school sweethearts immediately following graduation. A lot of men and females prefer to attend college and build successful careers before wanting to build families. In other cases, some people just don’t meet Mr. or Miss Right until they’re in their late thirties or forties. This means that everybody is engaged and getting married and achieving children in the future than their unique parents did.

Age Does Affect a Women’s Fertility

Men are generally capable to conceive a child regardless of how old they may be, but age does affect a women’s fertility. In rare cases, menopause can occur as early as a woman’s thirties or as late as her sixties, but most women usually do not stop menstruating until they reach their early or mid-fifties. This means that a female in their forties can, the truth is, become pregnant naturally.

There isn’t any denying the fact that fertility does drop as they age. Even so, a lot of women that are within their forties elect to get pregnant – and these are capable of doing so naturally and also have successful healthy pregnancies. Some people wrongly believe that anyone who has a child in her forties will need to have undergone expensive fertility treatment, but that just might not be true.

Bad Health Habits May Decrease Your Fertility

So women over 40 should continue with the same common advice directed at young women which can be looking to conceive – avoid all methods of birth control, maintain a healthy body mass, follow a healthy low-fat diet rich in vitamin b folic acid, take vitamins, limit caffeine intake, get enough sleep, and give up smoking and drinking. The risk of miscarriage and birth defects, including Down’s syndrome, is higher among older mothers, but this would not scare you – it is particularly significant for women over 40 to follow all pre-pregnancy advice.

Have Sex As Frequently as Possible During Ovulation

It’s important too for a woman over 40 to have sex as frequently as possible during ovulation, making her probability of conceiving that month as high as possible. She will have a slimmer probability of conceiving if she only has sex once or twice during her time of ovulation, and she simply doesn’t have years and years before her to try to conceive as menopause approaches.

Pregnancy At Or After The Age Of 40 Does Happen

It can happen to you, too. You probably realize that Madonna, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Brooke Shields, and Mariska Hargitay are all successful Hollywood stars, but they’re also all women who gave birth within their forties.