Hair Loss and How It Affects Your Life

Hair Loss and How It Affects Your Life
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Hair Loss and How It Affects Your Life

Your locks are your ‘crowning glory.’ Hence, we tend to take the utmost want to preserve it. Even then, thinning hair is very perhaps the most common phenomenon now. It is affecting cases of both males and females. Though baldness might be stressful for males, women are twice likely to suffer from their psychological trauma.

What are the causes?

Several studies are conducted to distinguish the causes of humans. All these studies have helped in compiling a summary of factors that contribute to baldness, for example:

Heredity: Experts say that if you possess a history of baldness with your family, you might be more more likely to share the fate of your respective ancestors. Both men and women can have problems with this because of heredity. Often hereditary baldness is difficult to resist, however, not incurable.

Lack of nutrients: Your food habit may also be a contributor. Imbalance diet, use of junk, and oily food often accelerate its pace. Similarly, deficiency of vitamins and minerals may also be the reason. If you happen to be suffering from hair thinning, you might consult a dietitian and enquire of her to plan a well-balanced diet to suit your needs.

Hormone imbalance: If you have suddenly begun to experience hair loss, you may consult the doctor immediately. Hormonal imbalance is a prominent cause in ladies. The increase of male hormone, testosterone, may cause males like baldness in ladies.

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes and thus pregnancy is surely an eminent cause. Many women complain of heavy baldness when pregnant and postnatal phases. However, this is often a temporary phase and subsides eventually and hair starts growing back.

Consumption of birth contraceptives is yet another prominent cause.

Menopause: During her life cycle, a woman’s body goes through many changes. At the time of menopause, the creation of female hormone (Estrogen) reduces which may become an underlying cause. However, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can help in solving the issue.

Apart from your above-mentioned causes, there might be other reasons, also. Even improper handling of the hair could cause thinning hair. Harsh brushing and wearing hairstyles like- braids and pony-tails could cause traction alopecia. Hence, a proper diagnosis of the main cause is required before deciding the correct treatment.

The connection between it could be overwhelming for females and men alike. This can damage their self-esteem and make them more self-sensitive. However, women suffer more from psychological effects.

Women are twice more likely to feel ashamed and uncomfortable in the presence of others. Further, they experience lower self-esteem; stay anxious, distressed, and concerned. They can also experience other social problems as a result of hair thinning. This is mainly because of not enough awareness regarding women’s problems although it will be as fashionable as hair loss in males.

The effect that face men might have a varied impact. It might not cause worry to many, whereas, can have devastating effects on others, in terms of- lower self-esteem and diminished attractiveness.

However, there are no effective treatments available that can prevent baldness and help with hair regrowth.

Summary: Hair growth might have severe psychological effects on women and men alike. It affects their self-esteem and brings about more self-conscious. Learn the dilemmas and connection between baldness with your life.