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3 Hairdressing solutions from The experts

3 Hairdressing solutions from The experts
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3 Hairdressing solutions from The experts

You may already know each type of hair has its challenge to set it from thin hair, thick hair or fluffy, stiff hair and others. Many ways can be done to get a fitting hairstyle. You need to know what care to do, which hair models fit and how to set the right hair. This time, let’s see what can be done to solve the hair problem.

1.      Thin Hair

For this type of hair owner, the main challenge is to create a volume for the hair to look thicker.

Haircut: A piece of bob with a bangs or a layer haircut at the top is suitable for creating the volume so that the hair looks more inflated. However, be careful and take note of the layer so that the hair doesn’t look thinner. A haircut on the shoulders can also be tried so that all of your hair strands look more volumunted. If you like Bob haircut, you can visit Headoffice Hair Salon Bondi Junction. Headoffice Hair Salon Bondi Junction is a Bondi Hairdresser that can provide you with the hairstyle you want.

HAIR REGIMEN: The most basic treatment you can do is using a volumizing shampoo and mild textured conditioner. However, if your hair is thin because of its loss, we recommend selecting a specific formulated care product to overcome your loss.

HAIRDRESSING TIPS: For a daily look, you can try a wavy hairstyle or head bun with the ‘ Hair donut ‘ tool to appear more contained.

2.      Curly Hair and Frizzy

3 Hairdressing solutions from The experts

This type of hair usually tends to be dry and stiff so it is harder to set than other hair types.

Haircut: Long and short haircuts can still be applied to this type of hair. However, if you decide to have long hair, avoid tying your hair while sleeping so that the shape is easier to set up in the morning.

HAIR REGIMEN:  Use anti-static carbon comb to avoid tangled hair. Wear hair masks a week twice regularly and choose a conditioner that is rich in moisturising content such as Jojoba, vitamin E.

HAIRDRESSING TIPS: For the everyday look of hair, you can try to braid the front of the hair and continue backward to make it look playful.

3.      Thick Hair

3 Hairdressing solutions from The experts

Although thick hair already has a volume, there are still some things to look out for treatments and hairdos to make your appearance a maximum.

Haircut: If you have long hair, try a layer haircut to create a dimension on thicker hair. However, if you want a short hair model, you should avoid using the layer as it will look even more inflated. In addition to those of you who want a medium-length haircut, blunt-cut bangs can be a trendy choice.

HAIR REGIMEN: Choose a shampoo with low sulfate content so that the hair is not easily tangled and dry. Also complete the treatment done by using the conditioner and vitamins to keep the hair strong.

HAIRDRESSING TIPS: Avoid styling the hair with large waves from the hair base as it will make the hair look thicker. You can tidy up and refine your thick hair with a straight plate that has a wide plate (roughly 35mm to the top) with a temperature of 200 degrees.