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Liposphere Therapy

Liposphere Therapy
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А technique for maintaining body slim and eliminating excess fat Liposphere Therapy is not yet offered by all beauty salons. Although this technique for combating subcutaneous fat and specific women’s problems deserves special mention. This therapy is a combined safe technique that includes massage and an aesthetic laser.

Why does cellulite occur?

Due to the influence of various factors or due to age, the metabolism of cells in the human body may be disrupted. Dense deposits of fat squeeze the vessels, as well as the fibers that make up the skin. Therefore, cellulite becomes quite noticeable. A woman who looks after her appearance and wants to look younger may want to minimize the outer manifestations of local fat deposits.

The principle of influence on the body

Using a special device named Rolsone, an esthetician affects the subcutaneous fat of a lady, improving the metabolism. During the procedure, all the “excess” comes out of the fat cells – mainly excess moisture, which by nature tends to accumulate and be deposited in the form of cellulite. But at the same time, the device of Liposphere Therapy does not damage the cells of the body. There is simply less fat. The skin and muscle fibers of the body become tauter due to improved blood circulation. The device processes only certain areas.

How to lose weight with Rolsone – massage device ?

To see the effect, that is, a decrease in volume in the hips or abdomen, you need to undergo a course of procedures. In 2021, a presentation of a laser device was held, which was first tested on the biologist’s wife. The history of this aesthetic device is quite interesting: one of the Swiss scientists ‘ wives lost her shape after pregnancy, her appearance went bad. She became depressed. This problem prompted the husband to do research in the field of beauty. Through various experiments, he invented a miracle device. After a course of special therapy, the scientist’s wife quickly got into shape, her mood improved.

It is worth considering that Rolsone will not help to get rid of obesity. The device helps to improve certain areas of the body, that is, it affects local areas.

Why is Liposphere Therapy effective in the fight against cellulite?

A low-calorie diet is ineffective in the fight against cellulite. And a lack of protein in the diet can only worsen the problem. After weight loss, a woman’s skin condition may worsen, and her muscles may become less elastic. The Liposphere Therapy procedure will help to create a shape, without serious restrictions in nutrition and vitamins. The effectiveness of the method has been proven by specialists.

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