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You Don’t Have to Look Your Age

You Don’t Have to Look Your Age
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A lot of people say that when someone is getting old, they should lean into it and embrace how their body is changing, but I don’t necessarily agree with that. Sure, there are some things about aging that you can’t change, but there are others that you can. You don’t have to walk around with gray hair, or have wrinkles on your face. I prefer to keep my hair a rich black color by dyeing it, and I get my wrinkles taken away with a treatment from an aesthetic Singapore clinic.

The treatment that I have done at the clinic doesn’t take very long. I just make an appointment and go in, and they give me a couple of shots of botox, and the wrinkles go away. The thought of getting shots in my face kind of irked me a bit in the beginning, but I got used to it pretty quickly, and now it’s like I barely even notice that it’s happening to me. I think the feeling of having a smooth face again cancels out the feeling of getting a shot. Once I leave there, I head to my local hair salon and have them do a dye job on my hair.

Between the treatment that I get from the clinic, and the hair dye that I get from the salon, most people would never be able to guess my real age. There are some people who can figure it out by looking really hard at my face, but these people are few and far in between. It’s really funny when I get a lot of compliments from younger guys who assume that I’m the same age as them, and then they’re shocked to find out that I’m much older. Even after initial shock, they still are interested in going out with me on a date.