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5 Ways To Combine An Outfit To Make It Look Slim

5 Ways To Combine An Outfit To Make It Look Slim
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Looking perfect with a slim body is the dream of almost all women. In everyday life, women always try to do their best for their appearance. The method is quite diverse, starting from implementing a healthy life, exercising regularly to maintain ideal body weight, doing skincare, to choosing the right clothes.

Talking about clothing or outfit, you can say this is an important issue for most women, especially those who lack confidence in every appearance. Women always want to look perfect in the clothes they wear, especially they want to look slim. Now, not all women are good at combining outfits, there are still many of them who choose the wrong outfit.

1. Wear clothes that fit your body

Some women sometimes mistakenly choose loose clothes, thinking that loose clothes can hide a full body. This is wrong, baggy clothes can make the silhouette bigger. When you wear a t-shirt, you can wear it tucked into the pants. This also applies when you wear a skirt so that the curvy body parts remain visible. You can also use a plus size body shaper to make your body look slimmer.

2. Wear patterned dresses and V-collars.

If you love drees, make sure you don’t go wrong. Sometimes drees with perfect stitches are so deceiving to the eye when they are worn, the body that you want to cover looks so prominent. The V-collared dress will help you look slimmer, especially if you also use the body shaper bodysuit in it.

3. Wear a Handbag type bag

Bags are one that women like, but for those of you who want to look slim in appearance, it’s good to choose a handbag. Unlike the type of side bag that can make you look fuller, handbags can give a light impression. Just pay attention to the picture above, when the woman uses a bag with a large size, her body also looks the same. But when he got rid of the bag, what he saw was a perfect appearance.

4. Asymmetrical dress and heels the right choice.

5 Ways To Combine An Outfit To Make It Look Slim

If you want to attend a formal event or just a party, you have to be good at blending out outfits to make it look perfect, for example, you can use a body shaper bodysuit, the benefits of wearing a body shaper are that part of your body that looks too big, will become slimmer in an instant. For that, you can use asymmetrical dresses and heels. Make sure if you want to use an asymmetrical dress, for the heels, choose a matching color.

5. Choose the right color

5 Ways To Combine An Outfit To Make It Look Slim

The color of the clothes is also something that must be considered if you want to look slim. If you want to disguise the impression of fat, choose a color that is not too bright. Because light colors will create an enlarged impression. If you want to combine them, find the right one so as not to spoil your appearance.