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What is the Best Dating Advice For Men?

What is the Best Dating Advice For Men?
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What is the Best Dating Advice For Men?

Do you remember the first time you struck out when you were in middle school? What did your mom tell you? “Just be yourself.” You probably rolled your eyes and said, “That’s the problem. Girls don’t like it when I act like myself.” What kind of dating advice for men is “be yourself?” Well, you may be surprised to hear this, but your mother was right. (Now from this moment on, don’t listen to anything else your mother says)

The fact of the matter is that successful guys usually do act “like themselves.” These guys are not pretending to be someone they are not. They are not taking on the role of the perfect gentleman. They are not doing rehearsed material. They are just being themselves. Cool, friendly, a little bit cocky, and with a wicked sense of humor. Does that sound like any guy you know? The adage of “be yourself” therefore is correct and is the best dating advice for men. The problem is that inexperienced men tend to put on “an act” rather than just go with the flow of things.

They pretend to be nice guys. They pretend to be successful and debonair. A guy might take on the role of “hero”, the gentleman, or the saint. Perhaps he will even put on an act of being a “bad boy” or a womanizer. The problem is that these guys are not acting naturally. Women know when you’re full of it, boys. Women have what is called a built-in BS detector. I’m not saying lying is impossible in dating. I’m just saying that if you are striking out that badly then you are a terrible liar. Accept it and try honesty for a change. Dating advice for men can be summed up that easily.

Why not do us all a favor and just enjoy being yourself? Your mom likes you. Your friends like you. Everyone on Face Book likes you. Not because you put on a great act, but because you’re fun to be around. So the next time you meet a girl you like, stop trying to act. Be yourself. Say something that you would say to all your friends. Have confidence in yourself. Rest assured, if you have any redeeming qualities (sense of humor, smarts, deep thinker) they will show. And if you don’t have anything going for you at all, then shut up and just show off those dimples.

This dating advice for men works! The best dating advice for men is to be yourself and have fun on a date.